John McAllen bought horses from the quartermaster at Fort Brown, which were liquidated after the war


Argyle A McAllen with son James A McAllen begin intensive livestock breeding program with Beefmaster
Picture is both of them overlooking feeder steers in Tres Corales.


Ranch managed by McAllen’s widow, Margaret Rhode McAllen.


John McAllen dies in Brownsville, Texas at the age of 83


McAllen Ranch takes top honor in trial tests of Beefmaster excellence.


Argyle A McAllen takes over and continues to improve general conditions of ranch. Ranch continues to improve livestock
Argyle A Mcallen (right) pictured with James A Mcallen (left), with Goldsnip (Horse)


Sons of Margaret Rhode and James B. McAllen, Argyle and Eldred McAllen manage San Juanito. Begin to improve cattle herd, purchasing improved breeding stock from Lasater and Santa Fe ranches


Cattle depredations intensify with the beginning of the Mexican Revolution


Death of Salomé Ballí de McAllen


Remainder of Santa Anita inherited and purchased by Salomé Ballí de Young McAllen and her husband, Irish immigrant John McAllen (pictured). Subsequently, the ranch is known as the McAllen Ranch. Santa Anita has cattle contracts to supply both Union and Confederate armies at Fort Brown in Brownsville, Texas